Relocation Specialists for New York City and The Tri-State Suburbs
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Documents should be in order, passport, visa, etc. for each family member

Letter from your local bank about you for establishing your new US account or forms from your bank for transferring funds

An international driver's license

A letter from your automobile insurance company regarding your driving record, preferably in English. If possible include number of years insured.

Copies of any additional insurance policies

Medical records for the family, including inoculations, prescriptions (in generic terms), and medical history, as well as dental records

Birth certificates, wills, marriage license

Educational records, information, and recommendations for the children (if possible) for each family member

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Extra passport pictures, including negatives

An extra pair of your prescription eyeglasses and your prescriptions

Inventory of all items to be shipped (it is also advisable to photograph or videotape all items to be shipped and keep that with you) -- including personal items in your luggage, air freight shipment and household shipment.

Appropriate weather clothing should be included in your luggage

A spare set of luggage keys

Travel tickets

Traveler's cheques in US currency

Major internationally recognized credit cards

Translating dictionary

Travel clock

Metric cooking and measuring utensils, measuring tape


First aid kit

Required documents to secure pet entry

Car safety seat, if traveling with an infant or child under 4 yrs. or weighing less than 40 lbs or 18 kg. You can also arrange to rent one with a rental car, if arrangements are made in advance.
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