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About The Intrepid New Yorker, LLC

The Intrepid New Yorker, a woman owned business, is a leading relocation consulting company serving the most demanding and complex of destinations -- New York City and the tri-state area. Regarded by corporations and third-party relocation companies as the "special operations unit" for in-bound executives and their families, The Intrepid New Yorker is entrusted with the most critical hires, global assignees and senior people. Powered by a proven strategic model, a skilled and dedicated director and a highly experienced field consulting team, The Intrepid New Yorker succeeds time after time, not merely in finding homes, but actually recreating people's lives, on time, on budget and without stress. Given New York's uniquely high cost of living and extreme terrain -- with hundreds of communities spread over a 75-mile radius of Manhattan -- the "smooth moves" orchestrated by The Intrepid New Yorker are nothing short of miraculous.

What began as a concierge service for busy New Yorkers in the early '80s, evolved into a relocation services business, as the demand for knowledgeable assistance for in-bound executives grew. Corporations were not structured to provide adequate support and placed too much of the burden of area education, orientation and qualified resource gathering on transferees. In recognizing this void, The Intrepid New Yorker substantially improved recruiting and relocation in general, setting the standard for a new specialty called "destination services." In 1999, The Intrepid New Yorker merged with suburban-based Relocation and Real Estate Consulting/Westchester Relocation Services to become a fully integrated tri-state service.

Today, The Intrepid New Yorker boasts an expert consulting team strategically situated throughout New York City and the suburbs of Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Long Island. The Intrepid New Yorker consultants function as caring counselors, investigative reporters, nurturing navigators and pillars of support to make the best matches between families and communities and effect smooth and happy transitions.

The Intrepid New Yorker's pre-planning, local knowledge, critical contacts and resources make it possible for relocation-related transactions to be completed in days rather than weeks, thus reducing myriad expenses associated with home-finding trips, temporary housing stays and excessive fees for realtors, attorneys and education consultants. One failed domestic or international transfer can cost a company thousands in lost revenue and by retaining the Intrepid New Yorker, clients can rest assured that every relocation into the New York Metropolitan area will be seamless and successful.


Sylvia S. Ehrlich SCRP, on every level -- regional, national and international -- she is a speaker, trainer, author, and workshop leader. Ms. Ehrlich used her background in psychology, her personal experience as a relocated child and then as the accompanying spouse in seven domestic and international moves to establish a relocation destination services specialty. In 1983, she launched the award-winning Westchester Relocation Services division of Randolph Properties before starting her own relocation consulting company in 1997, ultimately merging it with The Intrepid New Yorker in 1999. Ms. Ehrlich was among the first to receive the "Certified Relocation Professional (CRP)" in 1990. She is the recipient of numerous awards, including: the "Going the Extra Mile" Service Award from Relocation Resources, Inc. (1993), the Meritorious Service Award from the Employee Relocation Council (ERC) (1998), and was a charter inductee into the RELO® Network Hall of Fame (1997). In 2002, Ms. Ehrlich became one of only 140 relocation professionals to receive the coveted SCRP designation from ERC as well as the Distinguished Service Award for her efforts and commitment to the relocation industry. Past president of the Tri-State Relocation Services Group, Inc., Ms. Ehrlich has served or currently serves on the ERC Educational Summit Task Force, the ERC Membership Committee and the Westchester County Chamber Economic Development Council. She is on the Board of Westchester Human Resources Management Association (WHRMA) chapter of the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), and chairs the International Human Resources Special Interest Group (IHR-SIG). Sylvia Ehrlich has appeared on Good Morning America (ABC) and has been featured in the real estate and business sections of The New York Times, Crain's and USA Today. She has been published in numerous industry magazines. Ms. Ehrlich speaks several languages and enjoys American, Canadian and Russian citizenships.


To help an individual or family re-create a lifestyle and make invaluable connections to their new community.

Second: To make sure that a temporary or permanent relocation into this NYC, Tri-State metropolis is swift, positive and cost-efficient for the entry-level professional as well as the CEO. To realize that goal, we give the in-bound executive and family - domestic or international - all the psychological and personal support and expert guidance needed to make the right match for communities, homes, schools, culture, spousal needs and family lifestyle.

To obtain optimum results, The Intrepid New Yorker consultants work from their core competency - a total command of the NYC tri-state area within a 75-mile radius of Manhattan, as well as a region-specific blueprint that navigates through its extreme terrain and obstacles. The Intrepid New Yorker methodology provides the tools to:


Cut the typical home search in half. By conducting a multilayered, predeparture needs analysis (copyrighted) from which all issues are weighed and evaluated, 100s of NYC tri-state Suburban Communities are ruled out and precise neighborhood, lifestyle, culture, housing and cost-of-living matches are made.


Devise a strategic, time-efficient home search itinerary that includes real estate agent appointments, area tours and school interviews.


Skillfully manage expectations of executives and their families, and move them past culture shock and toward the positives about NY area living.


Deliver a "what life offers" orientation to NYC and the suburbs.


Make NY, Connecticut and/or New Jersey real estate agent matches based on area knowledge, housing inventory, cultural sensibilities and areas of common experience.


Provide spousal career and personal interest assistance by providing resources, networking opportunities and professional introductions.


Arrange appropriate New York area community introductions, whether for a CEO, a young MBA or a non-English speaking spouse.


Deliver the technical support and professional resources required to procure all necessary U.S. IDs, facilitate leases and home purchases, and set up all essential services.


Provide an on-going hot line of resources and help make social, cultural and professional introductions for the first critical settling-in year.

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