Relocation Specialists for New York City and The Tri-State Suburbs
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The NYC and Tri-State Suburban Area Is Our Core-Competency
The NYC and Tri-State Suburban Area Is Our Core-Competency
Single Point of Contact
We assume total accountability to the relocating executive and corporation.

Singular and Comprehensive Focus
No other relocation service has the breadth of knowledge or resources sophisticated enough to claim command of the tri-state area.

No Challenge We Haven't Tackled
Gaining access to the better schools at the eleventh hour
Finding the coveted, affordable, rent-stabilized apartments
Navigating the complicated purchasing procedures within the tri-state area

The Right Community Match
First, we identify the right communities. Second, we make a qualified broker match for that area. The City alone has 5 urban boroughs housing 7 million people, as well as 18,000 brokers and no multiple listing service. The suburbs have 100s of viable communities within 3 commutable states!

No Exclusive Relationships
We maintain complete independence in order to have control over the quality of resources, service providers and real estate brokers we provide to our clients.

Our Scientific Approach to Destination Services
We developed a region-specific model program, designed to make every relocation a success. This methodology places us way out in front of the competition.

Our Exclusive Blueprint
We created an adjustable menu of services to accommodate the VIP executive, an international assignment or a new hire out of graduate school.
Pre-home search -- needs analysis
Home-finding -- itinerary and orientation
Post-move -- resources and settling-in services

Our consultants are in the trenches every day. We live through the experiences of 100s of executives and their families, from every conceivable background, domestic or international, who are trying to make a home here.

The Intrepid New Yorker Consultants:
Know the tri-state areas cold as well as all the pitfalls that can arise.
Are fully committed professionals who can perform equally effectively with a CEO or entry-level professional, utilizing a holistic, customized and personal approach to each client.
Can deftly manage the expectations of the executive while adhering to company policy and procedures.
Intuit deal-breaking points and ferret out primary concerns about the move.
Have the ability to open doors and make important introductions for every level of executive.
Provide immediate and total follow-through,with on going support provided throughout the first year after the move.

Resources and Support Services. We maintain a database of 1000s of qualified resources - essential/technical support services, and professionals — for any conceivable need.


  1. Our essential, best-selling guide "How to Live the Good Life in NYC" by The Intrepid New Yorker, is made available to every client.
  2. Our suburban guides to all commutable counties throughout the tri-state suburbs.

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