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How to Live the Good Life in New York is for those who think they are New York savvy and those who know they are not. It coaches the long-time resident, the new arrival, and the tri-state commuter on how to get the most out of the city and make the best of it.

So whether you're single, have a family, are an empty nester, die-hard NYC city dweller, or converted suburbanite, The Intrepid New Yorker is here to let you in on the trade secrets, insider tips and qualified resources that will get you on your way to the good life and teach you how to turn New York into a manageable small town.

"My pal Tory showed me the ropes when I first arrived in New York in 1982. So I know first hand that nobody knows their way around the city, or How to Live the Good Life here, better than The Intrepid New Yorkers."

-- Kathie Lee Gifford

"A very important and helpful guide to those who are good to themselves and are seeking the good life in NYC."

-- Brooke Astor

"The Intrepid New Yorkers prove once again that with their help, it's easy to thrive in NYC without trepidation. This book brings a piece of the good life home to everyone."

-- L. Dennis Kozlowski
Chairman & CEO
Tyco International, Inc.

"Try getting along without this book in New York...I dare you."

-- Joy Behar
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