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NYC Neighborhoods Overview
NYC Neighborhood Overview
New York City encompasses 300 square miles and is the home to over 7 million people! It is divided into five very distinct boroughs that have completely different personalities. These are: Manhattan, which is right in the center; The Bronx, which lies north/northeast; Queens in the east; Brooklyn in the south/southeast; and Staten Island in the south/southwest. New York City has a Mayor, and each borough is headed by an elected borough president. New Yorkers do not describe themselves as just New Yorkers. They are fiercely loyal to the borough and neighborhood in which they live and describe themselves as "from the Bronx" or "South Brooklyn" or "I'm a Manhattanite or "an Upper Eastsider," etc. They say, "If you know my neighborhood and the values lived there, you'll know me."

And within Manhattan alone, there are many unique residential neighborhoods to live in, to suit literally any lifestyle and budget.

The challange is to first determine which borough is best suited to your particular needs and budget, then which neighborhood within that borough suits your personal lifestyle. Or you can let The Intrepid New Yorker zero in on a perfect match.

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