Relocation Specialists for New York City and The Tri-State Suburbs
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Initiation (Pre-departure)
Initiation (Pre-departure)
Immediate telephone contact and communication with transferee

Intuitive needs-analysis questionnaire

In-depth telecounsel for precise community matchups

Customized information packet with vetted resources, area profiles, financial data, process for purchasing/renting real estate, school profiles, local service providers, etc.

Pre-departure/Needs analysis for those Relocating to the NYC Area

Area overview/orientation

Face-to-face consultation

Customized strategy for the home search
•  Rental and purchase procedures
•  Mortgage and rental qualification information
•  Real estate broker selections

School appointments

Special-needs appointments

Facilitation of lease/purchase execution

Open doors to critical local contacts

Pre-departure/Needs analysis for those Relocating to the NYC Area

Bank account set-up and guidance regarding different banking styles

Assistance with credit card issues

Spousal a
ssistance - provide career personal interest resources and networking opportunities

School registration and assistance with international education issues
•  General Assistance through The Intrepid New Yorker
•  Special Education assistance through an authorized education consultant

Temporary housing assistance/arrangements

Information regarding ethnic social programs and language schools

Government or relevant official documents
•  Social Security
•  Local driver's license application and information
•  Parking permits
•  Post office procedures

Local amenities from a Cross-Cultural perspective

Automobile purchase/lease options, resource assistance

Furniture rental/purchase assistance

Assist with payment of broker fees and advancing funds for leases---there will be a 5% service charge for reimbursement within 10 business days; over 10 days, 10%.

Provision of qualified resources and information, from educational consultants and car mechanics to contractors, mortgage brokers and housekeepers

Area integration and networking assistance

Storage issues

Post-move-in support and follow-up to assist with problems and/or emergencies available for the first year

Provide total turnkey housing arrangements and/or concierge services available at an hourly fee

***All Intrepid New Yorker consultation fees are separate from real estate broker's fees***

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