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The Suburbs Deciphered
The Suburbs Deciphered
The tri-state suburban areas of Connecticut, New York and New Jersey encompass a 75-mile radius around Manhattan. Plain and simple, it's vast and physically cut off from city limits by bridges, tunnels and highways. The commute to and from will take no less than 1/2 hour and up to 1 3/4 hours depending on how far out you live. Typically, New Yorkers don't move out to the suburbs until they have children and are in need of more square footage and a backyard, which creates adistinctly, family-focused culture. Our burbs are a combination of bedroom communities, charming villages and New England-style rural living. Because most of our communities were well established decades ago, new construction and development in most areas is sparse compared to other parts of the country. In terms of lifestyle, social focus and community feel -- options are unlimited, literally. There is a neighborhood for new age artists as well as a society dame. Our communities are also some of the most culturally rich in the nation due to their proximity to NYC. The sheer size of the tri-state area requires proper guidance, information and strategy for narrowing the field and zeroing in on the communities that are the best match for you, your family, your lifestyle and your needs.
  • The first complication is choice -- three states and hundreds of viable suburbs in each that are all within commuting distance of the city.
  • The second complication is high cost of living -- our housing and real estate taxes are some of the most expensive in the nation, particularly in those towns that have coveted public schools, a better commute, waterfront homes or a socially important address.
  • The third are the dramatic variables, area to area, in terms of cost of housing, taxes, quality of schools, length of the door-to-door commute, culture and social focus.

The most important first step is to make two separate lists:

Your wish list: for schools, ideal commute, style of housing, housing budget, lifestyle and community focus.

Your must-have list vs. what you are willing to trade off list: This list will allow you to manage your expectations for relocating to our suburbs so you don't get stuck holding out for an impossible dream.

The second critical step is to let The Intrepid New Yorker assess your two lists and help you make the most precise community match possible.

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